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To advance a project, compare between competitive choices, and to make a decision, you often require a price from your service provider.

We will work with you to give you that price in a formal quotation…and a clear scope and list of deliverables, too.

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People & Knowledge… principal sources of competitive advantage & performance for successful organizations, in Thailand as well as around the globe. Consequently, managers and HR professionals focus on HR strategies & processes, in order to steer employees towards company success.

Today, mastering complex processes while staying on track towards organizational goals can be advanced & simplified with a modern HR management software.

HRControl is a comprehensive HR Management System, which centralizes data and automates complex HR processes and tasks throughout the organization.

Above all, our HR solution puts HR professionals in control of essential employee recruitment, performance management, talent development and HR administration functions, and frees their valuable time to focus on strategic, value-add activities.

Furthermore, HRControl leverages employee-related data to improve decision-making, productivity and employee engagement.

What makes HRControl unique as an HR software is its modular yet fully customizable platform, delivered by HR and IT experts as a practical, client-focused human resource solution, locally supported from Bangkok, Thailand; indeed a veritable


Try before you buy! We will…

  • Walk you through this very easy-to-use system

  • Answer all your questions

  • Set you up with one or several demo accounts for a FREE trial


10 Unique Advantages

  • 1. Managed service (SaaS)
    No capital investment, infrastructure, upgrade hassles or in-house expertise required
  • 2. Set-up
    Quick & easy
  • 3. Practical
    Steeped in real-life, local HR expertise & global best practice
  • 4. User-friendly
    Easy to use, minimal training required, loved by employees, HR professionals, managers and admin staff
  • 5. Local presence
    Competent Thailand support, at your doorstep
  • 6. Affordable
    Predictable monthly per-user payment model
  • 7. Implementation
    balances strategic & situational needs as well as ROI
  • 8. Flexibility
    Fully customizable platform
  • 9. Security & Continuity
    Enterprise-grade, firewalled, hosted in a Bangkok data-center
  • 10. Scalable
    Implement & grow at your own pace, unlimited users

Triple Value for the Whole Organization


Visibly tie employee to corporate goals
Unleash your HR strategy at all company levels

HR Department

Automate non-value add tasks , instead focus on productivity & engagement
Transform data into insights & decision-making


Easily access to all role-related information
Increase job satisfaction & engagement with data-driven job feedback & career transparency


Standard Modules – all essential HR processes under one roof

Custom Modules – Take HR Strategy to the Next Level


  • Web-based with fully responsive design
  • ‘Single-source-of-truth’ central data base
  • Multi-modular
  • Employee Self-Service (ESS)
  • System administration & user rights-based access
  • Intuitive interfaces and workflows
  • Customizable dashboards & reporting features
  • Quick access summary page with previews
  • Integrate with others app and systems
  • Multi-Language
  • Access the software via any browser, on any device
  • Real time data access. Avoid erroneous, duplicated or out-of-date data
  • All HR processes in one place. Start with a few, add others when you’re ready
  • Give your employees system access to view, enter and edit relevant information

  • Allow or restrict access based on user roles
  • Get the most from your system, with minimal training
  • Layout the starting page with critical reports, summaries or KPIs
  • View and access all modules & notifications with summary information displayed
  • Integrate with other systems such as door access technology, VoIP, LMS etc….
  • Can be set to English or Thai, others on request


  • Web-based with fully responsive design
  • ‘Single-source-of-truth’ central data base
  • Multi-modular
  • Employee Self-Service (ESS)
  • System administration & user rights-based access
  • Intuitive interfaces and workflows
  • Customizable dashboards & reporting features
  • Quick access summary page with previews
  • Integrate with others app and systems
  • Multi-Language


If you are looking for comprehensive, easy to set up, user-friendly & affordable HR Management System, you are at the right address. Our Software-as-a-Service model gives HRControl a hassle-free, off-the-shelf character that will let you hit the ground running on user adoption and ROI. However, our unique approach sets HRControl miles apart from other cloud based solutions. Here’s what else we do to ensure your HRMS success:

In-Depth HR & IT Expertise
Under One Roof

HRControl is a solution commonly delivered in partnership with leading management consultants – our project delivery partners live, breath & talk HR, and their HR consultants understand the common challenges and best practice approaches of realizing successful HR strategies. In this partnership, Infinity IT Success looks after the technical development & service delivery side of the equation: your trusted IT partner & solutions provider focused on delivering a quality IT platform and great service.

Managed Service

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a low-risk, pay-as-you go model for delivering software. Instead of buying, hosting & and managing the software yourself, we provide it as a continuous managed service including hosting, maintenance, upgrades, training etc.…And you only pay on a monthly, predictable per-user basis. Your accountant will love it.

Full Project-Cycle Engagement

Unlike others, we don’t just sell you a service contract, launch it and then disappear. As professional HR experts our focus is implementation excellence. To address the complexity of aligning people & process with the move to a software platform, we engage with your HR professionals & user teams before, during and after the implementation project.

Expect a systematic system & needs analysis, detailed project planning, frequent communication and a rigorous user buy-in initiative before we implement selected standard or customized modules, at a pace that suits YOU, the client. And when we go live, our system training, post-launch support and ongoing customer service safeguard your project success at all times