What is Computer Network Cabling in an IT networking environment?


computer network cabling is tidy and orderly (as opposed to being a heap of tangled wires, which is all too common!) It follows the regulations and standards for commercial cabling, allowing greater safety, security, efficiency, and futureproofing.

Computers, desktop VoIP phones, data centres, and security systems all need a connection! Structured cabling is the system of cables, wires, and other hardware that connects all your communication systems into one cohesive unit. From the telecom room to your computer, computer network cabling is carefully designed for reliable, high-speed connectivity and data transfer.

When it comes to network cables, you want to be sure the infrastructure you assemble aligns with your long-term voice and data goals. For example, if you plan to implement a VoIP solution, you’ll want to run Cat5e or Cat6 cables. Additionally, no matter how large your business is, you’re bound to need multiple cables that connect all your equipment. And even if you plan on switching to a fully wireless network, you will still need computer network cabling. The cables and associated technology that you choose is imperative for ensuring your organization continues its rapid growth.

Computer Network Cabling helps organize and manage your network and low-voltage cabling. It consists of several different components, including:

Patch Panels

Data Jacks

Cross-connect Cables

Cable Trays and Raceways

Each of these components works together to create a tidy and efficient network. Computer Network Cabling systems consist of overhead raceways and cable-tracks or underground conduits that are used to route the cables. This type of system is often used in commercial buildings and SMEs, as it helps to keep the cables organized and out of sight.

Computer Network Cabling can also be used in homes and is becoming more common in new home construction.

Why does my business need Computer Network Cabling?

Cabling is easy to overlook. After all, it’s not something that you normally see on an everyday basis. But computer network cabling is key to the success of your business regardless of your size of business segment!

No matter your industry or the size of your business, chances are, you rely on technology and telecommunication every day. Ethernet network cables allow for a strong Internet connection, and fibre optic cables allow for high-performance data telecommunications.

Does your company have annoying connectivity problems?

If you run into a problem, your clean and organized cables will make it easier for a technician to identify and fix the issue. This means less downtime and more productivity.

Safety First!

Did you ever hear the term, Spaghetti Cabling or Cable Spaghetti?

A tangled mess of wires looks unsightly, but even worse, it can increase the risk of fires and electric shocks. Improperly secured cables can also be a tripping hazard. Additionally, if wires are difficult to maintain and service, it could pose a security issue. Protect your employees, your company, and your data with a safe and effective structured cabling system!


Dedicated Computer Racks and Equipment Cabinets play a very important role with Computer Network Cabling.

If your company is searching for a better way to store networking equipment, then choosing computer cabinets and computer racks is undoubtedly a smart choice. At Infinity IT Success, we offer computer cabinets and racks in a range of sizes that can handle varying weights. Some are floor-standing, others are enclosed cabinets, and still more can be mounted directly on the wall to increase floor space. To keep your servers and computers cool, protected, and secure, computer racks and cabinets are something to consider.

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