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To advance a project, compare between competitive choices, and to make a decision, you often require a price from your service provider.

We will work with you to give you that price in a formal quotation…and a clear scope and list of deliverables, too.

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Small-and medium size businesses have long known the importance of strategic focus. Today, even larger enterprises outsource non-strategic IT functions to IT experts. Infinity IT Success’s Managed IT & Network Service team has the experience, attention to detail and vigilant responsiveness to leverage IT for your business.

As an IT Managed Service provider with a 28-year history in Thailand, we provide expert IT & network advice, end-user support and act as your de facto IT department, while you focus on your core business.

Our team of IT & network engineers, technicians and customer service experts understand the importance of a well-functioning IT eco-system. Our focus: control all critical variables, and pre-empt IT problems from the get-go. How? With sensible IT strategies & business continuity plans, smart hardware & software procurement and the right mix of preventative maintenance, helpdesk & on-demand service.

IT Peace of Mind is a highly valued business currency…and our many long-term clients reflect our team’s commitment to delivering this value…day in, day out.



IT Strategy
Business Continuity Planning
Project Consulting

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Vendor Management & Reselling
Procurement & Delivery
Hard-and software

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New Office / Office Relocation
IT Health-Check
Project Management
Set-up & Configuration

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Preventative Maintenance & Business Continuity
Helpdesk & End User Support

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Remote Support
Onsite Support

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Email, Website, File, Application Hosting
AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Local Data-Centre Hosting
Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

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IT Strategy

An IT Strategy is a cohesive road map to ensuring your company IT delivers what you need it for. It articulates (more or less) how information technology relates to your functional, operational, financial, human resource, growth and competitive needs. This it does for the short, medium and long-term. Our team of Managed IT & Network Service experts will sit down with you and prepare an explicit path forward…with intelligent questions, research assignments and clearly explained option choices, covering those IT and business areas that are critical for your IT Peace of Mind.

Business Continuity Planning

Have you considered what would happen if one or several elements of your IT system stopped working unexpectedly for an hour? For a day?

Business Continuity Planning means your business is prepared for all critical ‘What If’-scenarios so that risks and costs of both planned and unplanned IT system downtime are minimized. The plans we develop with you look at both prevention as well as recovery aspects, tailor-made for the unique situation and needs of your organization.

Project Consulting

Frequently, companies must confront IT challenges and make critical decisions, with financial and other consequences for the business. To upgrade or to replace. To bring IT in-house or to outsource. To custom develop or buy off-the-shelf. To act now or in the next financial cycle.

As your trusted project consultants, Infinity IT can help you make sound IT decisions, based on robust information, real-life experience and committed impartiality.


Vendor Management & Reselling

Dealing with IT vendors & suppliers can be tedious and time-consuming. Infinity IT Success can take the burden of

  • matching budget-, product- and scheduling needs with the right vendors
  • ‘shopping around’
  • comparing prices, options, and contracts
  • selecting the right product
  • managing multiple contractual relationships & ongoing service agreements & warranties

off your shoulders. We also have preferential reselling agreements with many major IT & technology brands.

Procurement & Delivery

Once we have found the right vendors & suppliers, we will manage the end-to-end ordering, procurement & delivery process for you. We understand how to manage multiple deliveries on tight time schedules and we cross all the t’s and dot all  the i’s when it comes to bills & paperwork. Naturally, we are there to make sure all products get handled with tender love and care…and we always clean up after ourselves too.

Hardware & Software

Getting the mix of hardware and software right for your organization requires technical expertise & real-life experience, not only only on technical questions but on how these affect a business, its people, processes, its innovation & competitive aspirations. We will sit down with you to assess business as well as user needs, and then find, source, install, configure & support the right hard- and software solutions for you.


New Office / Office Relocation

Whether you are a start-up setting up a new office space, an established business moving to a new location, or in need of a major (or minor) revamp of your office IT infrastructure…our team of Managed IT & network engineers and specialists can help you develop & implement a hassle-free, time-sensitive plan that fits in with the many others activities to be coordinated. We work closely with project & building managers, vendors, interior designers, office outfitters, security and equipment companies  to make sure your office set-up project goes smoothly and to plan.

IT Health-Check

IT eco-systems develop organically & ad-hoc over time, with varying degrees of planning and foresight; the result is often a labyrinth of hard-, software- and network layers, and multiple contracts with vendors or service providers… a messy, inefficient hodge-podge of old & new, needed & unneeded, current & forgotten.

We understand that managers need to know that their organizations’ IT infrastructure securely and predictably serves the business needs of the organization, today as well as tomorrow. To meet this need, we we offer the IT Health Check: a comprehensive expert audit and report that details & documents the current IT eco-system, but also provides recommendations for optimization going forward.

Project Management

Our IT project managers won’t waste much time debating whether IT project management is an art or a science. Instead, they will

  • work out the brief with you
  • agree with you a project plan/timeline
  • communicate with you regularly about important issues or agreed milestones (but largely work independently and leave you alone)
  • juggle the usual unforeseen circumstances likes pros,
  • interact professionally with all other intersecting parties and service providers, and
  • get the job done with a minimum fuss

All our IT project managers are qualified network engineers and hard-and software specialists, and speak Thai as well as English.

Set-Up & Configuration

Infinity IT Success engineers are highly skilled at setting up your office IT & network hard-and software infrastructure, including cabling, servers, switches, firewalls, laptops & workstations, telephony, printers, door access technology, and all essential user, admin & specialist application. We do this in close alignment with your business & user requirements and timelines, and then support you and your team in getting acquainted with your IT eco-system.


Preventative Maintenance & Business Continuity

For a flat monthly fee, we become your extended IT department. With a focus on keeping your IT running smooth & trouble-free, our engineers carry out scheduled preventative maintenance activities, both onsite and remote, monitor your system, improve & upgrade where required, and intervene for trouble-shooting or emergencies. Naturally, all Managed Service clients receive regular activity & incident reports, and enjoy a transparent world-class Service Level Agreement (SLA) and responsive customer service.

IT Helpdesk / End User Support

Our IT Support help desk consists of a friendly customer service team, who you can reach by email, phone or our easy-to-use ticketing system. Additionally, our engineers act as competent and approachable end user support staff for any questions or problems, when they onsite in your office, or as remote end user support over the phone, by email, or via remote access to your system. Naturally, we first sit down with you to understand your support needs, and work out an SLA that helps you deliver the required level of support at affordable & predictable monthly cost.


Onsite Support

Clients who don’t require an ongoing managed IT support contract with us can request onsite assistance: this means our IT engineers visit you, and carry out IT support activity in person, at your office location. This kind of support, is commonly scheduled in advance, but we also offer emergency visits. We provide IT support (both troubleshooting as we all preventative maintenance) to many local and international organizations in Bangkok, across Thailand and beyond. Our engineers communicate in Thai and English, are highly skilled, reliable and rigorous.

Offsite Support

Most IT systems can be monitored and accessed remotely, and therefore much trouble-shooting work can be carried out without a technical expert coming to your office. And often our customer service & IT support team can help answer questions, by email or over the phone, without direct system access, too. Infinity IT Success has been providing this kind of support for two decades and we therefore have optimized a best-practice IT help desk and remote support process for many local and international companies, for a cost-effective deployment of IT expertise and uninterrupted IT Peace of Mind.


Data Hosting: Onsite & Offsite

Your company 1’s and 0’s consist mostly of files, emails, applications, websites and databases. Your requirement: fast, uninterrupted access, but secure from hackers and thieves, and with continuity provisions for planned and unplanned down times. Our data hosting & storage experts will help you understand and plan your hosting & continuity options, and ensure you files, emails, applications, websites and databases are affordably and safely hosted, on or offsite, and within your budget.

Offsite & Cloud Hosting

Today, many organizations choose to host their company data offsite, for better security and to spend less on in-house infrastructure. There are many competitive, feature-rich cloud service providers, including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. You can also set up your own private cloud, and host it locally in a Bangkok data-center. We can help you understand the pros and cons, pricing options and then implement your data hosting strategy, whether in the cloud or in your own data-center co-location space.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

It’s a sobering task to imagine tangible and intangible costs of network downtime, or worse, the irreversible loss of crucial business data. In today’s fast-moving, fast-changing and ‘always on’ business environment, acceptance of downtime is at an all-time low. To avoid downtime costs & damages, you need a reliable data back-up and disaster recovery plan. Infinity IT Success provides proven backup server and disaster recovery solutions for global and local Thailand organizations, to help you connect the dots and develop a comprehensive disaster recovery plan for your specific business needs.