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To advance a project, compare between competitive choices, and to make a decision, you often require a price from your service provider.

We will work with you to give you that price in a formal quotation…and a clear scope and list of deliverables, too.


Ask yourself:


is your company software a source of stability, dependability, staff empowerment and smooth operations?

Or is it a spring of innovation, inspiration, creativity, competitive advantage and even disruption? Or both?

If your software or website is neither of the above, maybe Infinity IT Success can help.

Our team of 15 developers, analysts, project managers, testers and designers live and breathe applications, databases and websites. We excel at back-end as well as front-end design, programming and support. But most of all, with 28 company years of software development experience, and hundreds of completed projects, we have learned two important truths:

Good software creates competitive value for business
Good software allows people to really depend on it.
Our commitment: all Infinity IT Success software projects follow these two guiding principles.


Software Development

Our team of 15 developers, project managers, analysts and testers are not only adept at writing great software code; they love to ‘zoom in, and zoom out’ to understand how your business goals and your need for a bespoke application fit together: workplace productivity & efficiency, innovation, user empowerment, or building competitive advantage. With this understanding captured & agreed, we then create a tailor-made application for you. We have been the preferred outsourced software development partner for local & international organizations, across all industries, for 28 years.

Database Development

We develop complex, high-performing databases for smooth, reliable, secure & future-proof business applications. We can help you both in relational database development (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft Access) as well as in document database systems and other NoSQL solutions, locally hosted, data-center hosted or in the cloud.

Application Integration, Hard-and Software Integration

When you need separate systems to communicate with each other, our integration experts are at your service. Common projects involve the integration of business process software like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with, say, Email Marketing, SMS or VoIP solutions, or Accounting systems with HR Software or order fulfillment applications. Sometimes hardware needs to be integrated with software, via middleware (APIs), for example door access technology with HR software.

Project Rescue & Recovery

Application development projects stop or fail for all sorts of reasons. Budgets are stretched or get cancelled, parties disagree, staff leave, priority projects arise. If any of your troubled software development projects needs a fresh start, or a second, unbiased opinion, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have rescued many failing or dust-gathering projects from being written off, and will give you and honest assessment and an affordable, proactive helping hand to recover and get back on track.


Website Design, Website Development, Responsive Design

We design & build robust, modern B2C and B2B websites for organizations in Thailand and across the world. Our rigorous development process is focused on three main business principles:

  1. Attract
  2. Engage
  3. Convert

All websites are fully responsive to display on different device/screen sizes. We use WordPress, Joomla and other Content Management Systems to give you direct access to maintain & update content. And of course we consider up-to-date SEO principles to ensure competitive Google rankings. Finally, when required, we work with third-party, expert web design & digital strategy agencies.



For many complex and time-sensitive development projects, we utilize an agile software development methodology.  This approach allows the team to deal with often changing requirements without losing track of deadlines and usability of the software. Face-to-face, frequent communication is interspersed with intense development activities called ‘sprints’, and a constant focus on improvement and building the desired value into the application.

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